Product Information, tips and tricks

Lingering colors?

There are colours that do linger on the skin. These colors are mostly the Blue and Greens, they contain a high pigment. Staining, or lingering as we also call it, is something that you almost can not prevent. Some skintypes take the pigment on very easy, and some don't.You can prevent it by using a lighter color under the green or blue tint (like our almond)

Here are some tips and tricks we offer, to well not prevent it, but help you find a way to get rid of the lingering.


Wash by applying a good soap ( don't use the brands that contain a lot of parfum) with just a little water and make a foam with the paint. Wait a few seconds, then rinse with luke warm water. Of course we love the 2 soaps we have for skin and brush

Remember that warm water closes the pores and could well take the color into the skin, so don't use to warm water. Preferable cold!

What is in our paint ?


Cameleon Paint is glycerine based with only using paraffin wax as a binder, because of this you'll get a softer easier to blend and apply cake. The colors are very rich and opaque yet easy to blend and get a sheer effect if that is the desired approach. Cameleon Paint IS FDA and EU Compliant. We do not take any backdoors to get out products into the USA or Europe.

Cameleon Paint is Parabene free, sulfate free, no perfumes and no drying agents. This is crucially important because the parabenes in many cosmetic face makeups have been studied in a 2013 showed a 1 in 10 person reaction. 99% of the companies have decided to take this ingredient out of their brand except for a few.

Upon further investigation, this ingredient only helps with longer shelf life instead of the standard 18 month's. (personally we wouldn't want to buy a product that's been sitting on the shelf for 3 years would you?)

What to do next

About soap and more?

For your brushes we have a soap, but hey, for the skin we also have a soap. This soap is for both hairs and skin. For skin, use not the soap as you are used to. Make a fluffy foam that you use
Only the foam does the magic trick. Put the foam on the painted skin and just shampoo this frothy foam on the skin. At first you won't see anything happening, but using a sponge, wipe away some of the foam and you will notice that the froth also takes away the pigments, also the greens and blues. And be honest, what child does not like frothy foam? Clean the foam with lukewarm not warm, (preferably cold) water and you have a cleaned model/child. The soap is available in 10 and 100 grams!

For adult models, remember that one of the reasons colors are staining is because the skin is dry. But don't let (when doing a full bodypaint) your model cream her/himself before you start working. Better tell them to use a good moisturizing product after the shower, to give the skin an extra humpf.

Eu and Reach


We are committed to meeting our legal obligations under REACH, as a manufacturer and importer of articles and as a downstream user. Cameleon is constantly monitoring the substances of very high concern (SVHC), as defined by REACH, in our products. This is an on-going process All products are tested by standard EN71-3 and have REACH certificate. We encourage our customers to visit the corresponding site to get the most up to date information on current lists of SVHCs under : REACH

FThe composition of our cosmetics respect regelement (EC) N° 1223/2009.
REACH and Eu Law