Cameleon Bodypaint..About us..
Bodypaint, Facepaint. Airbrush?
Cameleon Paint is the new standard for people who want to change their own world.

Color is fun, Color is Cameleon

Cameleon Paint is created by Jasmin Walsh and Eugénie van Bijnen, who are the proud owners. With Alex Hansen and Lymari Millot as counselors we can ask for any advise, four people who cover the world with four different cultural backgrounds, who found each other in humor, persistence and the great love for colors, body and facepaint and who are all four not to bigheaded to listen to each other. Creating a brand, that will make people smile, make people want to paint, brush and airbrush was the goal for Jasmin and Eugenie. Listening is a big issue! To the people who want to use the products, what they are looking for, what they are hoping for to find. We think we created a good and safe line of products for both bodypainting as wel as facepainting. Nobody should be affraid to put a makeup on.
We hope you like our colors and give us an email, to share your idea's. Let us know if you are looking for a special product.

Our main team will be:

  1. Mrs Jasmin Walsh who is co owner of Cameleon, is our (CEO) woman in South and Central America.
  2. Eugenie van Bijnen who will be the contact person for all your questions, remarks as you know of her.
  3. Mss Lymari Millot. Marketing, specialy for the USA and Mexico.
  4. Mr Alex Hansen who is our main featured artist and adviser for our Airline.

Colorblock your Facepaint, Mix your Palette like YOU want..Change the world like a Cameleon.

What we want

  • Safe and good quality products.
  • Good customer service.
  • Decent pricing.
  • Listen to your clients, Product timeline.
  • A happy painter makes happy paintings, makes happy childeren.

Cameleon Paint is brand new. Our knowledge is not. The paints we bring to you are made for us, selected with care. We have vendors and distributors all over the world, but not yet everywhere.
We invite you to inform about posibilities to sell our paint in your country.
Contact us to see what we have to offer.

Do you want to know where to find a shop / vendor / distributor? Feel free to contact us .

Special thanks to:

  • Alex Hansen.
  • Lymari Millot
  • Jasmin Walsh.
  • Fleur van Dijk.
  • Eugenie van Bijnen.